About Our Team

South East Air Ag is owned in partnership by Scott Mackie and Darren Rogers.

Scott Mackie

Scott is the company chief pilot with 30 years of flying experience. He is responsible for scheduling maintenance and the safe operation of the company agricultural aircraft, as well as ensuring the training, checking and rostering requirements of flying staff are met and adhered to according to industry and Civil Aviation Safety Authority requirements.

Contact Scott: 0427 904843

Darren (Dillon) Rogers

Darren is responsible for the maintenance and operation of our range of ground support equipment and road train. Dillon also holds a private pilots’ licence. From a long time farming background, he understands the needs of our clients.

Contact Darren: 0428 716712

Brian Ingram

Brian manages the business during the spray season, taking bookings and scheduling work. With a wealth of experience, Brian has also held numerous management positions in, and has many close ties to those in the agricultural and aviation sectors.

Contact Brian: 0488 715096


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