Meterate Applications

South East Air Ag - Meterate in Hopper

South East Air Ag – Meterate in Hopper

When using products such as mice and snail bait, we incorporate a device known as a ‘meterate’ to the base of the aircraft hopper.

This device can also be used to apply Canola or other small seeds.

Meterate Accuracy

Meterate and Spreader - South East Air Ag

South East Air Ag – Meterate and Spreader

A Meterate allows the accurate metering of the product at very low rates. It is similar in nature to an air seeder meter.We typically apply rates as low as 0.5kg/ha of mice bait, with normal rates of 1 kg/ha although higher rates may also be applied.

The device is powered electrically and is adjustable from the cockpit by the pilot. A spreader is fitted to the aircraft to allow the bait to be dispersed evenly.


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