Aerial Spraying

South East Air Ag-aerial-spraying

South East Air Ag – Airtractor AT-502- Aerial Spraying

We are able to apply any product registered for use by air, such as pre and post emergent herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, liquid fertilisers and desiccation products.

Application rates from as low as 300ml/ha (Ultra low volume), such as when spraying locusts, through to 50 l/ha (high volume) using either micronair or hydraulic nozzle equipment.


Aerial Spraying with Precision

Each of our agricultural aircraft is fitted with GPS guidance systems and flow control to ensure the correct rate of product is applied at all times. Flow control adjusts the flow rate according to ground speed as read by the on board GPS.


Talk to us about your aerial spraying needs

Whatever your aerial spraying needs, we can help you. Perhaps you have another aerial application need? Contact South East Air Ag to discuss how we can assist you.