Aerial Spreading

Airtractor AT-602 – Spreading Fertilizer

All agricultural granulated products can be applied by air at almost any application rate.

We tend to mainly use nitrogenous fertilisers such as urea, sulphate of ammonia and other blends such as NS41, MAP and superphosphate.

Our JCB loader is equipped with electronic scales so we know the exact weight of each load, allowing us to compensate for the differences in bulk density of individual products thus ensuring the correct rate is applied.

Aerial Spreading Covers Large Areas Rapidly

When spreading, our aircraft are fitted with a large venturi spreader to the base of the hopper. The spreader through its venturi action, accelerates the product flowing through its vanes up to twice the flying speed of the aircraft, thus providing its wide spread.

Hinged vanes in the mouth of the spreader allow for any adjustments that may need to be made in order to maintain an even spread of the product being applied.

Talk to us about your aerial spreading needs

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