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South East Air Ag is a progressive aerial application company based in Esperance, Western Australia. We offer professional AAAA acredited aerial application services throughout the Southern Wheat-Belt area of WA.

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South East Air Ag

South East Air Ag are Spaysafe Accredited aerial application specialists.

We have detailed knowledge about the chemicals you want to use, their effect on the environment, and the necessary piloting skills to avoid off-target contamination.


South East Air Ag Services

Our services can help you save money and maximise your crop yields They include Aerial Spraying, Aerial Spreading and Meterate Applications. South East Air Ag also offers Aerial Imaging and Grain Cartage services.

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Aerial Application Requests

If you want to request an aerial application, download the Aerial Application Request Form and return the completed form via fax or post.

Download: Aerial Application Request Form

Aerial Applications Benefits

  • Covers large areas quickly
  • Treat crops that are hard to get to with ground equipment
  • Eliminate all damage cause by ground equipment, such as soil compaction and crop damage
  • No harvest delays due to green heads and sappy grains caused by wheel damage
  • No dust related issues when applying knock downs
  • Make quickly and timely applications when opportunities present themselves
  • All operators are licensed, accredited and fully trained

AAAA Spaysafe Accredited

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